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Ten-79 are a talented indie rock band from York, UK. I came across them recently on ReverbNation and enjoyed listening to their music, so invited them here to find out a bit more about them.



Interview with Ten-79


Band Drum


How long has Ten-79 been together, and how did you all meet? Tell us a bit about your musical backgrounds; have you been in other bands before?

We have been together as a four piece since late 2012. Originally it was just Gary and Paul doing acoustic stuff, but they decided they wanted to be back in a band again. Jim came down for a few jamming sessions and has never left and so we advertised for a drummer. Wally walked through the door, smile on his face, sat down and fitted in as though he had always been with us. Paul had been in numerous bands, a The Who tribute band, Who Two, which caused them more trouble than anything, as many people thought they were off to see a U2 tribute act.
Ha, ha!!
He’s played in a Pink Floyd band which did the whole of the ‘The Wall’ album live on stage.He has played Glastonbury twice in his Folk Acoustic duo Ten Penny Wake before joining up with Gary to get back to some good old rock. Gary hadn’t been in a band for 20 years, or hardly played live but found the wanting to get back to it. He was in a band called Rose Underpass who were going along nicely till the wheels fell off in the early ’90s. The time he had off was a good healer and gave him the drive to perform again Jim moved over from Manchester and then found us. He was in a band called Emergency Exit, a band full of driving bass lines and riffing guitars, the driving bass lines he has brought with him, he does have his own unique tab when writing down his riffs, which no one else understands, except him. Wally had been in a few bands, but mostly doing covers, he wanted to do something fresh and different. As was said earlier he just fitted in with his then swirling long ash blond locks, he has now had his hair cut though, so is respectable again and looking younger. Brian is our new member and lead guitarist who joined us in November. He is taking over from Paul who is emigrating to France for an idyllic lifestyle of wine and blues. Brian is also still in a covers band, but wanted to do something different on top and be able to write his own stuff again.

Who came up with the name Ten-79?

The truth of the matter is, we really struggled with a name when Wally came in and said, what about TEN79, we all have to travel on the road that brings us all together. That was it, set in stone. A few weeks passed when Wally said he wanted a word with us all, we all thought, he’s leaving the band or something bad. He admitted that he and his wife Gina had been chatting and it was she that had actually come up with the name. We sighed a relief, but laughed as Wally was worried Gary was going to let this out on our first gig.

You have quite a few songs on Soundcloud and Reverbnation. Any plans to release an EP or album?

We released an EP in September, but very low key. It has four tracks on it. The Gathering, Wayside, Screaming inside my head and Home Now, just contact us through our e-mail and arrange payment, it’s £3.50. We are hoping to release our Album in late February / March time. We are still working on Artwork then it will be sorted. We have recorded the rest of the tracks for the album. It will have 11 songs on it.

You have a video for your single, ‘Wayside’, on YouTube. Was that filmed on a route that the band were driving on? What route is it showing?

Yes, the road is the A1079, Jim filmed one Sunday after having a bolt of inspiration. His poor wife and kids had to drive up and down it till the shot was right. He then took it home and edited it to the song Wayside.


Who writes the songs for Ten-79?

We all write the songs really. Before, Paul and Gary usually came up with an idea and we worked it from there. Now it can be anyone of us who says, I’ve been working on this, and we see where it takes us. It never ends up being how it started as it goes on it’s own musical journey

Are you working on any new music?

We are constantly working on new material, Brian has come in with some great new ideas, so we are all working like we always have done. It’s new exciting times

I saw on your Facebook page that you have been playing some local gigs. Do you have any upcoming tours? How has the audience reaction been to your music so far?

Don’t think we will be touring as such, anytime soon, but will be playing a lot more gigs this year, more festivals hopefully. We have had great reactions from the audiences so far. It’s lovely to know that a lot of people do want to hear original material. It seems most places just want cover bands so the audiences know the songs. We have found that once we got going they loved it and asked at the end of the show where they could get our music to listen, buy or download.

Who are your musical influences?

Gary’s is The Alarm and U2 , Jim’s is The Charlatans and The Stone Roses / possibly The Smiths… decisions decisions, Paul’s is Pink Floyd and Captain Beefheart, Brian’s is Pink Floyd (that helps greatly to maintain our sound) and Wally’s, well, he likes all sorts of music if it’s got a beat. We have been asked this before and he couldn’t choose, so we made up his mind for him, it’s Johnny Mathis, defo.

Ha, ha! Nothing wrong with that ;-)

How would you describe Ten-79′s sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Hmmmm, this is a hard one, to be fair let’s think, and we would have to go with an audience description of us. If you think of REM and the Levellers, put them in a bag, shake them up and add a bit of distorted guitar and cinnamon.

Ha,ha! :-D

Any other news for your fans?

Just to keep you up to date, yes, Paul has left the band with a heavy heart, he is following a dream with his wife to live in France as the opportunity has arrived. We wish him all our best and happiness from the bottom our hearts. Brian is our new member, who Paul has graciously helped along the way to bridge the gap. He is a gent and a great guitar player like Paul, and we look forward to our future success with him. Finally, thank you to everyone who has given up their time to come and see us last year and look forward to seeing you all again this year. Keep smiling.

Thanks! I’ll be looking out for the album release! :)


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TEN 79 are a four piece original indie rock band from just outside of York. They are too young to put down their instruments. They just love writing and performing their original material. They believe in no ego’s, just music.

Gary Luckhurst (Vocals/Guitar), Jim Cadwallender (Bass), Wally Youngman (Drums), Brian Hartington (Lead guitar)


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