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I’ve just found out about a new release by a band I interviewed on the blog last year. Playground Etiquette. Here’s a link to the interview in case you missed it:


The 8-track album begins with a catchy instrumental, Chanson des Rêves Heureux, (translation, song of happy dreams). Lovely intro to the album. Next is Marionnettes, a driving rock track that will have you singing along, and the lyrics are thought-provoking. The pace is then slowed a bit for Agency and Accountability, a nice ballad, with an anthemic ending that I can imagine will go down well at live shows.

The next song, Inheritance, is a more experimental type rock song. Reminded me a bit of Queen for some reason. The next two tracks Inertia, a fast paced rock track, and Like Moths, a slower and more melancholy sounding tune, were originally posted on SoundCloud before the album release, so many of you many be familiar with those already. The next song Orpheus, has a definite Greek sound to it in parts, and, like the last track, Maid of Heaven, has an introspective feel.  Playground Etiquette seem to have found their own unique style with this album in the sense of being instantly recognisable, which is a good thing for a band.

They use lots of different instruments, including the bouzouki and cello, and their passion for their music comes through not only in the songs but in the whole package. You just have to look at the album cover design to know that this is a band serious about their art. I think my favourite tracks on the album are Chanson des Rêves Heureux, Orpheus, and Like Moths, but I enjoyed listening to the whole album and would recommend it to anyone who likes good music with an indie/rock/experimental slant.

Check it out here, where you can preview all the songs and download at a price you choose!


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