Top Ten Favourite New Music Releases of 2013

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I’ve discovered some new bands this year and have also heard some great new music from bands I love. As everyone seems to be doing top ten lists, I thought I’d challenge myself to do one. It was harder than I thought it would be to narrow it down to just ten, but I managed it!


Here are my  Top 10 favourite albums/EPs from the past year – in no particular order…


Stereophonics – Graffiti on a Train


This band consistently produces great music, and this album is fantastic.


Stone Sour – House of Gold and Bones – Part 2


Part 1 was brilliant, and I was concerned that they wouldn’t be able to follow it with a worthy album, but I was wrong. Love this album.


The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here – Alice in Chains



AIC have always released brilliant music and I was pleasantly surprised at how heavy this new album is. Enjoyed seeing them at Alexandra Palace in November, as well.


Owl – The Right Thing



A fabulous follow up to the excellent debut album. Very original music. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this talented group. They also make great videos for their songs, like this one for their version of The Kinks’ classic, Destroyer.


Bauer – Lose All Memory


One of my new favourite bands. I recently interviewed them on my blog. I was hooked on their debut album, Sleeping Giant, and am really liking this new one too.


Trapped in Static – On a Stage (on a stage)



This band have been featured in an interview on my blog, so some of you may be familiar with them. I love their sound and am looking forward to hearing more from them.


Evilyn Strange – Mourning Phoebe



Fantastic new rock band from the UK. I also featured them on my blog on the UK Arts Directory. The CD version of this album has been resident in my car since July and is great driving music!




New Order – Lost Sirens


Only found out about this very recently, although it was released back in January. I was a big New Order fan back in the ’80s/’90s, and really enjoyed listening to this album.



Black Belt Karate – Volume 1 – EP



This band has also been featured on my blog on UK Arts Directory. This is a great rock EP and the band have made some excellent videos to go with the songs. They’re playing the GHS Booth @ NAMM 11:30am on Friday Jan 24th (special acoustic performance). They are also scheduled to play some gigs in the UK next year, I hear.



Hearts & Minutes – Delirium


I have featured this band on my UK Arts Directory blog. I love the mood of this EP and was hooked on it for a while this year.


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  1. Great selection, Maria! I have a couple of the oldest CDs by Stereophonics. Over the last several years, I’d lost track of them. Love the new album! Just added it to my Amazon wish list.

    I hadn’t heard Hearts & Minutes before. Love the song Delirium you posted here! I’m off to Bandcamp for the EP. :)

  2. Thanks, Darcia! It was actually harder that I thought it would be to list just 10.
    Yes, Hearts & Minutes are great. They also have a couple of other EPs on Bandcamp too :)

    • I don’t know if I could narrow it down to 10, either. It’s like picking favorite books. Not an easy task, especially for those of us who have addiction issues. :)

      I found Hearts & Minutes on Amazon and downloaded Delirium there. I like to download there when possible so it shows as a verified purchase when I post my review. (Though I’m not sure that matters.) Plus it always helps to push the band up on the rankings and searches.

      • I’m not sure which sites are best for buying music. Most musicians I interview here seem to prefer people to buy from iTunes… not sure if that’s because it’s a more well known site. I mostly buy there and from Amazon.
        I know what you mean about addiction issues. One reason I like downloads. I don’t know where I would fit all the books and CDs otherwise LOL :)

        • It makes sense that iTunes is often the go-to place. I used to buy a lot of music there, but I now use my Amazon Cloud player through my TV and tablet, so I buy most of my music on Amazon now.

          I’m still old school and buy a lot of CDs. My husband and I designed a custom entertainment center for our TV, stereo and music collection. Then he built it for me. It should hold at least 2500 CDs. I’m at almost 2000, so I have space yet to fill! Sadly, my vinyl storage is already full. Another few years and we’ll have to move to a bigger house. :)

          • Wow! That’s a lot of CDs! Incidentally, I was recently reading over an old interview I did with another musician as I’ll be interviewing him here again shortly, and he said Bandcamp was the best place to buy his music because it’s better for royalties.

  3. THANK YOU Maria! Great selection!
    Stereophonics are actually one of my all-time favorite bands and had the opportunity to see them live in NY a couple months ago, they sounded great! Love Kelly Jones’s voice and the new album is their best so far – great music!


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